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Our Success Story

Plus Option is the smartest choice when you need a full-service marketing and operational support company.

Our executives have pivoted operations from offering brokerage services to full hands-on active advisory. Our vast and priceless experience and knowledge in the financial trading space helps us offer our clients second-to-none solutions.

Web Platforms

Premium design services, data visualization tools & tips, collaboration platforms.

Phone Platforms

New dimensions of mobility, maximum freedom of movement, easy to integrate, effective & precise.

Social Media Platforms

Instant worldwide connectivity, real-time information sharing, targeted advertising, etc.

Plus Option SERVICES

  • Landing pages, marketing funnels and websites development and graphic design.
  • Provision of a reporting system and customization of special reports and DB views.
  • Implementation and optimization of media management system (“ Ads Server”).
  • Provision of a tracking system for affiliates traffic.
  • Development and maintenance of mobile applications for both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play.
  • Managing and performing of online media campaigns on various social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+).
  • Search engine optimization (“SEO”) Services, on the site and off site.
  • Providing professional and unique content creation.
  • Campaign management and optimization tools according to industry standard KPIs.
  • Introducing Company to online affiliates.
  • Email Marketing services, for promotional, retention and transactional purposes.


Elevate your business with advanced planning & insightful marketing strategies

Whether your purpose is to elevate your firm, or get assimilated within the industry, Plus Option embedded marketing strategy has the ability to elevate your business and make your brand acknowledged, recognized and valued. Let’s start with gathering all the necessary tools to analyze your business plan and achieve the goals you strive to fulfil by developing relevant marketing strategy for your business goals and expectations.

HR and Recruiting
Let us help you face the challenges of today’s recruitment environment with access to experts with a background in finding and retaining the best talent. We want to help your business streamline all aspects of the internal staffing process by managing the entire flow, from soliciting CVs for open positions, to conducting interviews, keeping track of local employment regulations, and assisting with compensation, training, and development. Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or temporary help, we can give you the highest level of flexibility and control, so that you can get the people you need as quickly as possible.
Technology and Research
Our team of talented engineers is ready to meet your programming needs. We can offer the services of a wide range of programmers with expertise in software for your website or mobile platform. We can support you through every step in your project, including planning, development, testing, and maintenance. We specialize in boosting your efficiency and reach by implementing the latest data processing tools for better performance. Customize your IT and systems departments with the right partners, so that you can focus on providing your clients with products and services instead of getting weighed down in the code that runs behind the scenes.
You may be the best in your niche, but you still have to get the word out to be a success. That’s where our Marketing Division can step in. We are proficient in all forms of advertising and promotion, and we’ve worked hard to build relationships with the industry’s top media professionals. After a thorough review of your strategy, we will create a streamlined approach that combines web, video, print, and social media campaigns to get your company’s name out into the world. We are dedicated to putting you in touch with the right customers. And once we’ve established the connection, it’ll be up to you to show them the quality of your work.

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Plus Option perceives the unique purposes and goals

Plus Option perceives the unique purposes and goals of technology oriented businesses. They discover innovative ideas and we are translating these insights into eloquent market targeting. As a result – you get a unique marketing approach that distinguishes your brand in a marketplace, making it trustworthy and competitive. We believe that every brand should create rich experience for its customers. That’s why we provide outstanding branding ideas, unique graphic design and development, rich SEO targeting, numerous lead-converting approaches, etc. Regardless of your field of interest, our marketing services will help you reach your goals


Plus Option’s Technological Division

Plus Option’s technological division is one of the largest in the industry, employing programmers, developers, graphic designers, product and project managers with a wide range of skills and outstanding research and analytic abilities.

Plus Option continues growing, developing and opening its branches all over the world, Our employees comprise thousands of high-class specialists, proficient in various fields of expertise.


Join a leading company

We are always excited to hear from talented media and recruitment professionals. Just upload a copy of your CV via the form below, and we’ll get in touch with more information regarding the available openings at our supportive and progressive workplace.

We have high expectations, and we’re looking for experienced specialists capable of demonstrating skill, responsibility, flexibility and loyalty. In return, we offer great rewards, as we are dedicated to your growth. We believe in open communication and a team-oriented environment. We have created a warm workplace full of opportunities for advancement, education, and the fulfillment of your personal and professional goals, based in a comfortably apportioned and conveniently located office.

We’re proud to say that Plus Option has consistently attracted the attention of extraordinary individuals who aspire to make a difference for both our company, or clients, and the world at large. If this is also your philosophy, we invite you to contact us today for additional information regarding joining our team.


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